Luxury Catering for every occasion

Luxury catering can encompass anything from a sit down dinner at a wedding, to served canapes at a cocktail party. Whether you are throwing a formal event or a more relaxed function, the food catered should still be high quality and taste delicious. Pleasing guests with great food is vital so whether you require wedding or corporate catering, always opt for a company who can provide a good menu to suit all tastes, but don’t go overboard with the pricing. Also check additional catering services that Cooks & Partners offers, which include cutlery, food trolleys, tables and chairs.

Event management service provider in London can help you pick the right food/catering for your event but be sure to research various luxury catering styles before you decide on how to proceed with your upcoming event.

Buffets used to have a reputation for being cheap and simple. Today, however, there are some amazing options for luxury buffet food. A wide range of choices can please every guest, and most buffets will generally include vegetarian, low-fat, or even vegan options. Commercial coffee machines also go down a treat at buffets and corporate events. These choices are highly appreciated by guests, who can choose the food they will enjoy the most. To really enjoy luxury buffet food, separate staffed sections can be added to the buffet line. Generally these will include options like a carving station, sushi counter, a traditional sweets section or omelette station. Each one of the these distinct sections will need to be manned by a catering staff member, but the benefits of this personalized course is certainly worth any additional cost.

Sit-down dinners are another of the many possible luxury catering styles. These are generally reserved for more formal occasions. Guests are brought their individual plates of well-prepared food by waiters. Rather than choosing an entree from a menu, as in a restaurant, the hosts or guests will select their choices well in advance, leaving plenty of time for the catering staff to prepare and cook the meals.

Weddings are amongst the most popular in the need for luxury catering and it is very difficult to find meals and flavours that everyone will be able to enjoy. After all it is a grand celebration and you will want to make sure high standard food is given to your guests. However every wedding is different and should be tailored to your needs. For example, services that provide asian wedding catering may need to stick to traditional meals and specific dietary requirements.

For a cocktail party or an evening reception, it might work better to have a few canapes or appetizers alongside with drinks. Here there are countless options for luxury catering. The basic choice is often to have several plates with cold snacks. This might include crudites, dips, breads, olives, meats and cheeses. A simple spread might be enough if you will head to dinner later. However, many cocktail parties really raise the bar for luxury catering. Warm appetizers can be served on a table, or can even be served around the room by waiters, adding a touch of class to any occasion.

If you enjoy fine dining then why settle for anything less than fine dining at East Sussex National? Especially for an important celebration such as an anniversary or a wedding, make sure you get the highest quality of food.